iPerform® Programme for Employee Engagement

iPerform® helps increase employee engagement

iPerform® is a unique e-Learning programme that helps employees, at all levels of your organisation, feel more engaged and perform at their best. iPerform® provides them with the core habits and practices to be effective and engaged in their work including emotional intelligence, agility, resilience, self-awareness, creativity, optimism, motivation, proactivity, work-life balance and stress reduction. They are far better prepared to flourish as they face increasing challenges, demands, uncertainty and continuous change in the workplace.

We have identified and modelled the skills and habits of the most engaged employees, and converted them into simple Practices that your own employees can apply to everything that they do, so they are more engaged themselves. These practices have been selected from the world’s leading engagement, performance, leadership and well-being programmes. They are based on the latest research in motivation, positive psychology, neuroscience, stress reduction, resilience, emotional intelligence and other critical disciplines that influence engagement. Each one is evidence-based and supported by extensive studies from leading universities and research centres.


The benefits of employee engagement

Every organisation wants engaged employees because improved engagement leads to improved performance and results. The evidence demonstrates that higher engaged employees provide substantial benefits.
Higher Productivity and Performance

Improvement in bottom line due to reduced costs

Higher Retention of Talent

Improved Morale, job satisfaction and work-life balance

Lower sickness, absenteeism and presenteeism

Increased Sense of Wellbeing

Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction

Greater creativity

Stronger recruitment proposition to attract Talent
The Challenge is how to promote engagement. How do you increase the levels of engagement in your employees? And iPerform provides a unique, new solution.


How does iPerform help to boost emplyee engagement?

iPerform helps employees engage themselves by learning and applying the following 28 practices.
1. Increasing Commitment to Professional and Personal Development
2. Discovering and applying Intrinsic Motivation
3. Setting Compelling Goals
4. Becoming more Self-Aware and Building on your Strengths
5. Aligning with your Values
6. Taking the Initiative and be Proactive
7. Staying Calm and relaxed under pressure
8. Increasing your Emotional Intelligence and managing your moods
9. Managing your time more effectively, and being more productive
10. Making better decisions
11. Becoming more Authentic and Empathic
12. Boosting your Resilience and learning how to deal with adversity
13. Developing a clear Vision to inspire you
14. Enjoying and appreciating your time at work more, whatever is happening
15. Being more Creative and innovative
16. Learning to accept reality and be more discerning
17. Becoming more Optimistic and happier in your work
18. Being more Assertive and better at dealing with difficult people
19. Thinking and Acting Strategically so you can see the bigger picture
20. Creating your own positive beliefs
21. Influencing Others and developing your interpersonal skills
22. Solving Problems effectively and not avoiding them
23. Embracing and Flourishing during periods of Change
24. Building Effective Relationships and being a better team player
25. Thinking and Acting more autonomously
26. Developing better work-life balance
27. Trying something new each day so you continuously develop and improve
28. Integrating all these practices to be more engaged and more effective!


How does the programme work?

Users learn one of these 28 practices every week, plus reviews every 5 weeks, to ensure that they can strengthen their new knowledge and skills and convert them into positive habits. Over a period of 8 months, each practice builds on the previous ones as part of an exact step by step system to deliver higher engagement and performance. We have created our programme to inspire and motivate employees to be the best they can be, and we have included some unique features within the programme so they are far more likely to implement their new skills. We use 5 methods to achieve this.

1 Daily Training

With daily training, employees increase their engagement day by day in incremental steps, reaching daily goals on their way to achieving their long-term goals.

2 Elearning

When users join the programme, we send them short videos, assignments and other resources every day so they can access them wherever and whenever is best for them. They can watch videos on their PC, laptop, Tablet or smartphone whether they are at home, at work or commuting. This gives them control of their own training so it can be self-paced and self-directed. It is also less expensive than traditional training and coaching, and there are no costs of setting up workshops, travel or lost productivity.

From November 2014 Users will also benefit from the new iPerform App which will give them offline videos, automatic login and push notifications. Our goal is to make iPerform the ultimate tool to ensure employees always have the best coaching and knowledge resources available to them at any time and any place they need it.

3 A bite sized approach

Rather than long training seminars that last many hours or even days, we provide short, bite size training that require about 5 to 10 minutes a day. By learning in bite-size chunks employees are more likely to do the training and the practices. Rather than overwhelming them with masses of information from day one, iPerform™ works by sending them small, bite-size training sessions every weekday. This regular, manageable daily process boosts implementation leading to the results that they and your organisation want.

4 Practices

We have identified the key skills, habits and behaviours of engaged, positive and fulfilled employees. We have converted these into Practices that users can learn and apply in everything that they do to support their personal and professional development. Genuine change is achieved through regular Practice. We believe that it is practice that is missing from almost every other training programme. Consistent practice and repetition is the key. With iPerform users can go back again and again to the training whenever they want, and improve through practice so that each week they continually increase their levels of engagement.

5 Enhance Current Programmes

iPerform is designed to enhance current employee engagement and other training initiatives by helping employees to engage themselves. It supports the work of line managers, coaches and trainers by adding the credibility of leading coaches from the outside to strengthen the development of your people inside your organisation.

6 Outstanding Coaches

Our iPerform coaches are world class athletes and Olympians, Roger Black and Steve Backley, plus Paul Hannam who is an expert on Engagement. Paul has written several books, coached thousands of employees, run a very successful business and taught at Oxford University. He also developed the concept of Intrinsic Engagement which is at the heart of iPerform. When users watch and learn from proven experts, they are far more likely to implement the practices and improve their performance.

Our users include Ernst Young, Capita, Cisco, Deloitte, the University of Derby and South & Vale Council. You can watch sample videos from our programme here and get an overview of the full programme content with examples of the reading and other resources we provide.


To discuss the programme and pricing please contact Paul Hannam at paul@iperformsystems.com or phone him at 0844 880 6908