Applehouse Travel

Address : Universal House, 20-22 High Street, Iver, Buckinghamshire,SL0 9NG
Telephone : 8448558141
Fax : 01753 632 383
Web address :
Delegate name : Sheilendra Tomar
Job title : Business Development Director
Alternative name : Rajan Sawhney
Company Description : Applehouse Travel, corporate division of Southall Travel Limited is an independent travel management company offering a ‘one stop-shop’ travel solution to a variety of companies, corporations and institutions. Our emphasis is on combining traditional values of customer service, intelligent and flexible solutions and value for money in all aspects of the corporate travel management chain. Our services can be accessed online via our online tool or through our 24x7 operations centre manned by our trained and experienced consultants.

The Southall group with a combined turnover in excess of £280m exercise considerable leverage with all the suppliers in the travel arena. Our biggest strength lies in our ability to reduce our client’s expenditure on travel by passing on these negotiated fares and rates for different services in the travel spectrum. We provide our clients with pro-active account management, comprehensive accounting and administrative support as well as tailored travel management reporting.