How to join

Who can become a Member of the GTMC?

The GTMC welcomes applications from full-service travel management companies who meet 80% of the following criteria. The applying company must:

  • Have £100k paid up share capital
  • Have held a UK IATA license for no less than five years
  • Be a full service TMC with an annual turnover of at least £5m
  • Provide recent audited accounts demonstrating a profit
  • Nominate a delegate and alternate contact to the GTMC with travel management experience and credibility in the industry who would meet with representatives of the Executive Council to confirm their commitment to the GTMC

Successful applicants will be required to pay a joining fee of £5,000 plus VAT in addition to the annual Membership fee which is currently £6,000 plus VAT.

Please download an application form or contact Julie Cooper by telephone on 0203 657 7012 or by email at