Business Travel Careers

Working in travel

Careers in the business travel sector are full of diverse opportunities, and there are many different roles available. Corporate travel includes roles from account management and working with clients, to data analysts who handle detailed management information reports.

Inspirational careers

The Travel Management Companies (TMCs) who are members of the GTMC are all innovative businesses who lead the way in activity such as technology design and development, supplier negotiations and management, and even business strategy.

Training and development

Professionals in the business travel sector enjoy comprehensive training – from understanding how a GDS (global distribution system) works, to learning and development professional qualifications. Specialisations range from working with clients within an industry sector, such as sports travel, VIP travel or even travel in offshore industries, to learning about the fare creation process.

Skills required

The requirements vary by role, but are united by strong people skills and an ability to work with clear systems and processes, including with IT technical skills. TMCs look for passion in customer service to ensure strong client management and delivery, and both TMCs and our travel industry partners often look for sales professionals.

The GTMC’s members continue to do more to encourage diversity and to allow flexible working. For example many TMCs offer options for homeworking, and for working outside traditional office hours in order to be able to deliver a 24/7 service to their clients.

Life in business travel

Many of the TMC members of the GTMC are international businesses who offer career development and progression on an international scale. Roles available include account management, supplier relations, customer support, IT or online service delivery.

Comprehensive industry-wide training allows for very transferable skills that can be used throughout the broader travel sector. The hours worked can be varied and flexible.