Today the GTMC represents the views and requirements of 80 per cent of the UK’s business travellers, and those companies who recognise the powerful results that investment in business travel can bring.

Founded in 1967, the GTMC was originally known as the Guild of Business Travel Agents and was started by six business travel agents. Growing and expanding its remit, the organisation changed its name in 2005 to the Guild of Travel Management Companies to reflect the transformation that members and the broader industry had embraced.

Re-named in 2015 as the GTMC, the new moniker reflects the professional industry body status of the organisation, and its growing status as the voice of business travel to the wider business world.

The GTMC’s insight driven approach to boosting awareness of the contribution and importance of both business travel and the business traveller means that the organisation is able to fulfil its true potential as a professional association. Influencing decision makers, policy, investment and opinion are all key areas of activity for the GTMC.

This includes, but is not limited to, lobbying in both the UK and EU. The GTMC also produces data reports into business travel trends, opinions and requirements each year. This comprehensive insight ensures that the GTMC remains at the heart of understanding the issues and opportunities of the TMC sector, and the role of business travel in driving the economic success of UK Plc.