Industry Engagement

A vital role responsibility on behalf of GTMC's members, industry partners and the wider business travel sector, is it's involvement and engagement with relevant industry partner associations that either impact or inform on the business travel agenda. GTMC has forged close working relationships with several industry leading associations that represent specific market segments or industry sectors that influence, regulate and promote the vital role of business travel. 

Our role with our partner association relationships is to assist our members in both planning and implementing change and in helping advice and inform on the issues of the day that assist our members in the overall management of their business and in the communication and information flow to their clients. The breadth of subject matter covered stretches across all our Strategy Groups with a strong involvement with the Aviation, Accommodation and Payments, Finance and Industry Affairs groups.

Our partners association relationships include;

  • IATA - The International Air Transport Association - in terms of importance to our members our relationship, involvement and contribution to IATA is vital. GTMC is involved with IATA on multiple levels with strong representation in our home market through the APJC (Agent Passenger Joint Council) that is currently reviewing the Local Financial Criteria for the UK travel agent community and the management of payment risk and remittance with airlines.
        The GTMC Executive Board now meet regularly with senior executives from IATA to discuss,          debate and challenge the issues impacting on our unique distribution channel. NDC has                played a major role in driving these closer relationships. GTMC is well represented on both          of IATA's TMC advisory groups, GTEC (Global Travel Executive Council) and ETAG (European            Travel Advisory Group)

        IATA is also the source of excellent macro level data to GTMC to help better understand                  industry performance and trends and to assist in discussions with airlines regarding the                  TMC distribution channel. 
  • ECTAA - The European Travel Agents and Tour Operators Association - GTMC is an Affiliate Member and takes an active part in the Air Matters Committee and the Technology Working Group. 
  • RDG - Rail Delivery Group - RDG are an active GTMC Industry Partner regularly attending and contributing to the Surface Transport Strategy Group and GTMC's calendar of conferences and events. Through the partnership GTMC has access to several steering groups to help raise the requirements of the business travel sector and the business traveller. RDG also provide GTMC with an excellent level of industry data allowing GTMC our members to better understand the importance of the TMC distribution channel to the Train Operating Companies and the wider rail industry. 
  • HBAA - Hotel Booking Agency Association - GTMC supports and promotes the HBAA Code of Practice that assures best practice across hotels, venues and the Travel Agency community. GTMC also works with the HBAA on common issues such as the TOMS (Tour Operator Margin Scheme.  
  • ASAP - Association of serviced Apartment Providers - GTMC supports and promotes the ASAP Quality Accreditation Programme that ensures accredited members are compliant with legal, health and safety requirements and good practice as well as a measurement and comparison of quality and the overall guest experience.
  • BAR UK - Board of Airline Representatives - GTMC are Associate members of BAR UK who represent the majority of airlines operating to the UK. Through the membership GTMC attends all BAR UK meetings giving great insight into all matters impacting on the aviation sector from the third runway to developments with Border Force and the CAA. The content we receive is regularly distributed to our TMC members to assist with both internal and client communications on all matters aviation related. 
  • BVEP - Business Visits and Events Partnership - GTMC are Partners of BVEP, the umbrella organisation representing leading trade and professional organsations, government agencies and other significant influences in the business visits and events sector. The partnership has given GTMC access and insight into an active and progressive APPG (All Party Political Group) and to an in depth amount of information about the Business Events industry. 
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