The GTMC represents a diverse range of travel management companies from small independent specialists to some of the worlds’ largest multiples, from major London based organisations to top regional agencies. Becoming a Member of the GTMC opens up a whole new level of opportunity for travel management companies to work together for the good of the industry. Our unique organisation is the only representative body for travel management companies and the business travel community with their needs and expectations at the heart of everything we do. We represent over 80% of managed business travel in the UK and have access to the views of over 30,000 frequent business travellers through our nationally representative research giving us a statistically robust understanding of business travel issues, trends and opportunities in UK business travel. We are the voice of business travel, lobbying in the UK and Europe on issues that matter to travel management companies and their business travellers.


What you can expect from your Membership

A full list of benefits is listed here but include one place at our annual overseas conference (including travel and accommodation), two places at our annual UK conference, Member sessions and prestigious AGM lunch along with the opportunity to sit on our six Strategy Groups – Hotel and Apartment, Air, Industry Affairs, People, Surface Transportation, Technology. You will also have the opportunity to participate in various surveys which enables us to engage with the Government and other industry bodies to influence policy decisions.  There are plenty of networking opportunities at our events for Members to build relationships with their peers and our Industry Partners.  In addition we publish weekly E-Newsletters, Strategy Group E-Newsletters and promote the community on our blog and social media channels.


What GTMC expect from you

To take full advantage of the benefits offered we actively encourage Members to send representatives to our Strategy Group meetings so we are aware of your views and for the senior contact(s) to attend our Member Sessions and three major annual events.

We ask Members to provide a brief introduction to their company along with contact details for the primary contact and a logo to add to the Members Directory on the website.  We also ask Members to provide a letter of authority on their letterhead which allows IATA to advise of any Member company requiring an IATA bond or paying BSP more than once monthly. This will also ensure that your data will be included in the monthly BSP figures we obtain from IATA.

From time to time we will ask you to help us inform interested parties by responding promptly to requests for information and surveys and also keep us updated with any changes within your organisation.


For further information, or to discuss the opportunities more fully, please contact the GTMC giving brief details of your company.

Julie Cooper

Manager Membership

t: +44 (0) 20 3657 7012

m: +44 (0) 79 8528 5882