Hotel and Apartment

Chair: Adam White – Baxter Hoare Travel

The GTMC’s Hotel and Apartment Strategy Group plays a leading role in monitoring and advising on the development of consistent accommodation booking procedures and standards within the accommodation industry worldwide. This group improves understanding of different brands within various accommodation partner products by creating opportunities for members to increase their knowledge along with experiencing the product itself.


  • Gather credible statistical data to show scope of accommodation booked through TMC’s in the UK including earnings bought into the UK by foreign students and academic travel and then draw results together in a single document that can be used to inform, educate and assist government to form policies that will benefit all parties in the future.
  • Identify methods for improving efficiency including bill-backs, a consistent approach for group reservations and tracking along with looking at steps that can be taken to protect Members against supplier failure.
  • Monitor & share new developments in the accommodation sector including levels of BRIC and MINT countries along with other emerging markets to assist with GTMC lobbying and public affairs activities.

Typically, participants in this Strategy Group are Supplier & Account Managers, Hotel Product Managers, Heads of Customer Service and Managing Directors drawn from the GTMC Membership.  This group gives you the opportunity to meet with accommodation groups, booking agencies and payment providers to understand and improve accommodation reservations and payments.


Should you have any queries or wish to join this group, please contact Julie Cooper.

Julie Cooper

Manager Membership

+44 (0) 203 657 7012