Surface Transportation

Chair: Anthony Rissbrook | Hillgate Travel

The GTMC’s Surface Transport Strategy Group aims to keep abreast of developments within the car rental, road and rail sectors as well as chauffeur drive and airport facilities for business travellers. The group has recently been meeting with RDG (Rail Delivery Group) and the TOCs (Train Operating Companies) to discuss commission levels, rate parity across all distribution channels along with incentives to grow rail business.


  • Overseeing the relationship with the GTMC’s surface transport partners
  • Agreeing the GTMC’s lobbying position on transport infrastructure
  • Reviewing relevant products and services
  • Underlining the importance of 3rd Party Distribution to our Partners and wider trade

Typically, participants in this strategy group are Operations Managers, Product Managers, Senior Rail Consultants & Directors of Operations drawn from the GTMC Membership. This group gives you the opportunity to meet with surface transport suppliers to form close business relationships with suppliers and work together to benefit and promote business travel.


Should you have any queries or wish to join this group, please contact Julie Cooper.

Julie Cooper

Manager Membership

+44 (0) 20 3657 7012