Chair: Mick Gibbs | Norad Travel Group

The speed at which technology is advancing and the impact it can have, both positively and negatively makes it one of the most important areas affecting the Corporate Travel Industry. The emergence of IATA sponsored initiatives such as ‘NDC’ and ‘One Order’ is encouraging new entrants into the distribution channels and challenges the existing supply chain.

It is the aim of the Technology Strategy Group (TSG) to identify opportunities and challenges brought about through emerging technologies. Engage with technology partners and relevant suppliers to understand their strategies and objectives. To ensure that the needs of the corporate client and TMCs are considered and where possible influence the final outcome. The group also oversees the GTMC Data project and produces an annual technology survey on behalf of the TMC Members.

  • Oversee the relationship with the GTMC’s technology partners
  • Monitor technical developments in the business travel sector
  • Review relevant companies’ strategies and services
  • Continue to develop Data capability
  • Agree on GTMC position of industry technology matters


Should you have any queries or wish to join this group, please contact Julie Cooper.

Julie Cooper

Manager Membership

+44 (0) 203 657 7012