Political Engagement

Why lobbying?

The GTMC lobbies because our Members’ businesses, and those of their corporate clients, are affected by politics and policy.

When ministers, advisors and civil servants are devising policy they are subject to a wide variety of pressures, influences and voices that shape what emerges. Equally, those devising policy do not always have a complete grasp of the unintended consequences of their ideas.

Our role

It is a key task of the GTMC to ensure that the perspective of the business traveller is communicated effectively to those who devise, influence and implement policy, particularly when it will have an impact on how easy it is to travel and do business in and outside of the UK.

UK & Europe

GTMC is constantly building on our network of contacts in Westminster Whitehall and Brussels to ensure that when an issue does arise which impacts business travel we are in a position to exert a positive influence.