Policy Making

Evidence led policy making

The biggest challenge for policy-makers is separating fact from spin.The GTMC recognises that a number of issues around business and transport policy are emotive and subject to heated debate. As such it looks to feed in evidence in the form of data to policy-makers and influencers.

Key Publications

  • Transaction Data – the GTMC’s Members provide a range of transactional data. This gives invaluable insight into UK travel trends by air, rail, road and car hire and is a barometer for how the economy is faring. The data is distributed to key MPs and officials working in the business/transport policy arena.
  • Business Traveller Priorities – in addition to data on how people are travelling the GTMC explores what motivates their choice of transport. To do this it conducts regular surveys of business on their attitudes to prioritisation of infrastructure, modal shift and on their changing travel policies.


In response to specific requests from policy makers the GTMC is willing to investigate particular issues with its Members and their clients and feed this data into our research.

Contact gareth@cavendishpc.co.uk for further information.