Regulatory Engagement

GTMC works with both it's members and partners on all regulatory issues that impact on the business travel sector, to help advise on changes and new regulations that will need to implemented or challenged at an industry level.

Our Payments, Finance and Industry Affairs Strategy Group is at the heart of all regulatory issues, processes and procedures that our members will need to mange across their business and advise on outcomes to their clients. Our Industry Partner, Travelaw support GTMC with legal and regulatory advice and attend out Strategy Group Meeting, along with our Payment Partners, Airplus, Barclaycard, Dinners Club, Visa and Wex. 

Current issues that GTMC are involved with include;

  • PSD2 regulations for Strong Customer Authentication, that come into law fro 14th September 2019
  • IATA changes in market risk assessment of Travel Management Companies
  • Investment of Levy funds into apprenticeship schemes

Regulations that have previously been implemented and are continuously monitored;

  • GDPR data management regulations. The GTMC paper on GDPR for TMC's is available to download from our Content Hub
  • PCI Compliance
  • Gender pay gap reporting and monitoring
  • PSD2 first phase regulations

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