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GTMC's People and Talent Strategy Group have developed a strategic agenda to future proof the business travel industry through a series of initiatives designed to attract and retain the best talent in the travel industry  and to promote the business travel sector as a progressive career opportunity across multiple disciplines.

Working closely with both members and industry partners, the GTMC is focusing it's activities across four strategic pillars to ensure the diversity  of opportunities in business travel are promoted, presented and communicated to as  wide an audience as possible. These strategic pillars are;

  • The Next Generation - The requirements of the future workforce and embracing of change.

  • The Academic Sector - Taking business travel to universities and colleges to ensure curriculum inclusion and understanding of the business travel industry.

  • The Apprenticeship Opportunity - Working closely with People First and Skills Training UK to deliver relevant content for apprenticeships in business travel.

  • The Diploma In Business Travel - Certifying an industry wide diploma in business travel.  


The GTMC Diploma in Business Travel is a recognised eLearning  certification of achievement across the industry. Working closely with our diploma partners Travilearn, we are setting the standards for learning and development across all travel management disciplines with our Levels 1 - 3 diplomas. 
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Our mission and objective is simple; the business travel industry should form part of the curriculum in all travel and tourism courses across colleges and universities. We are a £40 billion industry in the UK and our exposure to future talent is minimal.

We have started our mission and forged our first university partnership with Bournemouth University. We wish to engage across the country and promote our great industry. 


GTMC was an active and significant contributor to the Trailblazer initiatives in apprenticeships. Our involvement has developed in supporting and promoting both the People First and Skills Training UK apprenticeships in Business Travel with many members bringing new talent to their businesses through the two schemes and other business sector apprenticeships and ensuring they use their Levy investment.
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Next Generation

The future workforce and those just starting out in their careers are the sustainable future of our industry. We have created a Next Generation steering group to advise us on the aspirations and ambitions of what a millennial generation will expect from our industry.


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